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Chuck Tam
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
-- Welcome to the home of puppies and debauchery --

How's your sack mileage? Has it approached radiancy?

Instigator, Agitator, Saboteur

Ray Eng
I met Ray a few weeks ago at life drawing. He has one of the most
eclectic sketchbooks I've seen. Everything from landscapes to
typography, to intricate textile patterns, to a mini comic done
within a 24 hour period....I just wish he'd upload more of his work...
...he's got a deviantart account too :iconhellorayeng:
..goddammit, Ray...your dA account is pathetic. Upload some work, you fuck!...joking....well half joking...ha

Funny...I've been following Keemode's work since '09, and at the time I was the
3rd person to follow him, yet in all this time he's only gotten a total of 7 followers.
...I guess that goes to show you how easily things can become lost in this ocean.
But let's rectify that. I can only assume if you like my work that you'd like his.
In fact I would trade half a ball to be able to think like him...
...just half though...let's not get crazy here...haha
I still need that extra 1.5 balls to fight off demons. Now go blow up his inbox!
V2k-316-1336930790311 by keemodeeye by keemode

Eevien Tan
Another fish (she'd probably be a Koi) lost in this deep deviant ocean, which is sad because
I can see her work being very popular with a lot of people. And I mean LOTS of people.
You know the kind of popularity the causes jealous people to fart incessantly...and those jealous assholes with mouthholes get brown crud stuck to the corner of their mouths from all the shit-talk. Diarrhea of the know those people, right? Well Eevien's talent can make those people exist...please let's help her make those people exist...haha
...oh and according to dA it's her birthday today...
**hey weren't you just talking about farts?** go wish her some fortune and health, or something....whatever you non-flatulent human folk do...
Avalon by EevienTanFlora by EevienTan

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Retro-Head Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're art is simply amazing! I love your fetus works the most, so dark and beautiful~ Keep up the awesome work :)
(1 Reply)
marcgosselin Nov 10, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the DWatch.
I would like to invite you to visit my music site when you have the time.
There's also a poll concerning my music, located on my DA profile page below my ID, if you would like to participate. Your feedback is appreciated.
KatSaw May 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Dear Sir

After casually browsing your profile, I conceded that your work was entirely fascinating and visually appealing. Having clicked on various thumbnails and opened them in new tabs my interest was only piqued at the larger and more eyeball-entrancing images you produce.

However, upon reading the artist description my aforementioned eyeballs proceeded to self-combust, scattering glitter and confetti all about my workspace upon which rests the laptop that is my key to the online world known informally as 'the internet.' Unfortunately my hitherto whole and entirely untrained eyes had interpreted your images as exquisitely-rendered drawings, perhaps of a digital nature. My realisation that this was not the case and that the works in question were in fact sculptures instigated a visceral reaction in my carnal embodiment; the causal component of occipital explosion.

For these reasons I have decided to add you to my list of humans whom I publicly stalk on this online community.

HORKEDupfastfood Mar 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hey it's the guy from life drawing!
Honestly your work is more beautiful than I thought it would be, I actually remember browsing by your gallery before and I find it amazing that I got to meet you.
Your work has a lot of great emotion put into it and I really love the concepts!
(1 Reply)
This is a siiiiiiiiick gallery dude
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